Shan Shin Rubber pioneered development of high quality inflatable craft for military and commercial applications. The professional range includes multi-role craft assault craft, heavy duty workboats and rapid deployment boats for emergency rescue operations. Every Shan Shin Rubber boat is made with four-layered fabric reinforced with Hypalon. This insures consistent quality year-to-year and boat-to-boat. No fabric is more effective in resisting damage from the environment, oil, gasoline or abrasions. And nothing is better for air retention than the Hypalon coating we use.

DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Military 420 Military 470
Overall length 4,20 m 4,90 m
Overall beam 1.90 m 1.90 m
Weight 90 kg 120 kg
Maximum payload 920 kg 1300 kg
Number of persons 8 10